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What you do not know ATV Racing engines

por / domingo, 12 julio 2015 / Publicado en4x4, ATV, MC & MX, UTV

I don’t know about you but where I grew up, ATVs were used for work and recreation.  While I had read about all the big racing series and was familiar with all the big names in the sport, racing, and the whole ATV racing environment, was pretty foreign to me.  Yeah it looked cool, but all those guys had fancy (and expensive) ATVs and they all raced in far off places like Tennessee and Alabama.  How was a kid from a tiny town in Oregon supposed to find a way to get involved in ATV racing?

Well it took me a few years, but by my sophomore year of college, at the urging of my dad, I started digging for a local ATV motocross series so I could give this racing thing a try. At that point I had ridden a couple of small practice tracks so I felt comfortable on table tops and small doubles, but the notion of lining up and doing battle with other racers was very intimidating.

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